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by | Jul 3, 2017 | business services

Businesses utilize analytics to assess profitability by product, by customer, by region and additional different ways. We’ll assist you in digging into the dimensions/drivers of profitability to create a strategic knowledge of the company. Frequently, analytics uncover a fresh understanding, by dimension of what regions, customers, and products are earning a profit or losing funds in addition to where to concentrate your enterprise’s efforts/resources.

Looking at the below, we assist you in determining how you can improve profitability:

Cost allocations – defining the approach for distributing enterprise, as well as indirect expenses. Activity-based costing assists you in understanding intake of costs based upon operational cost drivers, as well as the associated margin.

Margin leakage analysis – Evaluating and identifying key dimensions/drivers of margin within your portfolio of services/products, plants, customers, and so on. Aiding to show your enterprise where performance improvement chances exist and where you should concentrate resources in the future.

Cost optimization – Assessing cost performance and suggesting tactics to eliminate or reduce costs based upon vendor management tactics, organizational design, and process reengineering.

Pricing strategies – Assisting your enterprise in considering optimal pricing for its services or products based upon understanding of product costing, product mix, and market conditions.

Our CXO consultants understand what to look for and where to look to aid you in driving improvement and profitability. We take a strategic, fresh look at pricing, assisting you in getting a handle on the overall cost of your services/products and their support and delivery. We assist you in analyzing specific customers to aid you in rationalizing your services and products. These are merely a few areas in which opportunity might exist.


As the top professional services company concentrated on the middle market, our Business Analytics Consulting in Toronto company has accessibility to comprehensive tools and databases to assist in supporting your company in analyzing and monitoring performance.

Specifically, we’ll help enterprises analyze and identify metrics for these:

* Industry-specific metrics
* Operations
* Technology group
* Accounting and finance group
* Private and public company financial statement comparables

Working with CXO, you have accessibility to experts across the technology, risk management, as well as finance and accounting spectrums. Our team comprises of business analysts who have the ability to see the bigger picture. Like us on Facebook.

For more information on our Business Analytics Consulting in Toronto, contact CXO at +1 (877) 960-1296.

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