Professional Mice and Rat Extermination

by | May 20, 2019 | Pest Control

When you live in a large crowded city, you are more likely to have problems with rats or mice in a residential or commercial property. If there is a huge population of mice and rats, the animals become bolder, entering a room when there are people present. This is because the disgusting pests are attempting to find food in a competitive environment. It is imperative to contact rodent pest control NYC experts for assistance when you notice the signs of mice and rats. These animals will leave hard droppings and urine trails on the floors and other surfaces, helping the exterminators to find the pests faster.

Preventing New Infestations

Rodent pest control NYC exterminators want to learn where the vermin is entering a building to capture the mice and rats humanely with steel traps. The exterminators will also use wire mesh, insulation and caulking to plug the holes where the mice and rats are entering. An exterminator can inspect a building from top to bottom to find the problems that are associated with pest infestations, and he will offer you advice about fixing any problems that makes it easier for the rats or mice to invade.

Exterminators Use Humane Steel Traps to Capture Invading Rodents

It isn’t a good idea to use poisons in a building for a variety of reasons, including the accidental cross contamination with foodstuffs. In addition, family pets or children can come into contact with poisons, leading to a death. The rodent pest control NYC team of exterminators will find safe locations to place the steel traps that will capture the mice and rats until they visit a property again. The exterminators will remove the steel traps from the building to eliminate the filthy rodents from a home or a business.
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