Pharmaceutical Sifter: Know about the equipment and types

Pharmaceutical sifter is an essential tool used for the gradation of materials in laboratory and industrial processes. It helps in separating materials based on their particles size. Also known as control sieves, vibrating sifter, check screen or vibro sieves, these are circular gyratory screens, which are available in various designs, configurations and capability. Pharma industry sifter is new equipment that is purchased depending on the manufacturer and the application.

What are the types?

There are many vital aspects to consider deciding on the types, including designs, production capacity, brand, model, application and more.

• Size- Sifter has a wide range of designs and sizes, but obviously, the production capacity depends on the machine’s size. The sieve diameter may range from 12 to 72 inches.
• Design- The design depends on the Pharma industry sifter manufacturer. The instrument may have an L-shaped frame design or a separable design. However, everything ensures that the tool is easy and practical to use.
• The number of sieves- Based on the application, the sieves can be single-layer, double-layer or multiple-layer machines. The layers depend on the degree of product separation.
• Application- Typically, you can use this equipment in lab and industry applications, but sifters designed for industrial applications are larger and produce in large quantities. In contrast, the machines designed for lab applications are relatively smaller and used for preparing small samples.

Besides the pharmaceutical industry, sifters are used in lab researching, cosmetics, chemical processing, food processing, agriculture and more. The machines have electrical and mechanical parts, and the motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Clearly, a Pharma industry sifter is an efficient tool that sieves particles for further use. The vibratory motion is used to sieve the desired size particles. As they come in different shapes and designs, buy a quality, efficient and compliant product.