Parents: What to Expect from a Labor Doula in Orange County, CA

The pregnancy journey is long, emotional, and amazing. Having a team of people to support you through this magical time is important. One person to add to your team is a labor doula in Orange County, CA. Here’s what to expect when adding this professional to your pregnancy team.

Full Pregnancy Support

Labor doulas support their clients throughout the entire pregnancy, not only during delivery. When you hire a labor doula, you’re hiring someone who can offer prenatal and postpartum support. They offer prenatal classes to help you prepare for the birth of your child, easing your fears and reassuring you. Following the birth of your child, labor doulas continue to follow up and provide postpartum support. Although you might not think that laboring and delivering your child is the easy part, it often is. It’s the time leading up to and the time following the birth that often are most difficult. A labor doula will be there to support you through all of it.

How to Hire a Labor Doula

When hiring a labor doula, make sure you interview several doulas. You want to feel comfortable with this person because you’ll be spending vulnerable moments with them and want to feel safe. Not every doula is a perfect fit. So, take your time to find the person who feels right to you, but get started early in your pregnancy so you have plenty of time to get to know each other before the big day.

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