Organizing Inventory for the Small Warehouse 101

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Material Handling Equipment Supplier

When whether you are a manufacturer, a distributor, or a warehouse for a retail operation, there comes a time when utilizing a floor stacking strategy for storage just doesn’t cut it. Inventory management, no matter how small the company should be a primary concern. Inventory, after all, represents your capital, but that inventory also has other costs tacked onto it including the square footage it’s taking up, the labor to service it, and refurbishment or damage. It’s critical to be aware of your stock for each SKU, and that means bringing in warehouse management software, and appropriate storage for the goods.

Racking It Up
Properly storing the goods that make up your inventory is not just a matter of stacking boxes. Making the most of vertical space with industrial pallet racks is a prudent use of capital when it comes to expanding storage capacity without increasing square footage. Industrial pallet racks come in multiple configurations and are designed for easy access when it comes to cart, pallet jack, or forklift picking. Industrial pallet racks, once in place, can be configured for palletized goods, cases or cartons, or even individual pick modules configured for carts. Remember, if a desired configuration is not shown on the Load Application and Rack Configuration (LARC) drawing, the system designer should be consulted for their review.

Organization Saves Money
When combined with belt systems, pallet movers, and pick management systems such as pick-to-light, the time spent fulfilling orders can be cut by significant amounts of time and payroll dollars. This increase in efficiency fattens up the bottom line and allows reinvestment in inventory, warehouse management, and in the company itself. Salespeople can be confident that orders will be filled in an efficient and timely manner, and customers can be confident that their order will be pulled, packed, and shipped quickly. Investing in your warehouse will pay high dividends when it comes to future success.

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