Do You Need a New Security Contractor?

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Security

If you’re worried about an upcoming event, hiring armed security guards in Los Angeles is one way to make sure everything proceeds without a hitch. However, if you’ve always used the same team or security company, here are a few signs that you might need to move on to a new one:

Poor supervision system

If the security contractor you hired provides little to no training for your guards, then they probably won’t do ideally well at their jobs. If they’re untrained and unmotivated, that could easily lead to poor performance and results. You’ll want guards who are trained, competent and professional instead. That’s a good enough reason to go for a new security firm.

Monitoring practices

Are random spot checks done by your security contractor? Does the company have guard check-ins? These make it a whole lot easier to monitor the performance of the members of your security team. If these aren’t done to keep an eye on the team’s performance, ask why. If the company doesn’t seem to employ better methods of supervision, look for help elsewhere.

Service levels

If you are no longer happy with the level of service that your security team and contractor provides, then it’s about time you looked for a new company for armed security guards in Los Angeles. Do your research and look for contractors that provide better service levels so you can expect an upgrade on the team’s performance and results over the last crew you employed, says Small Business Trends.


Don’t hire a team unless you’ve thoroughly checked out the qualifications of your guards. Are they trained to handle guns? Are they fit and healthy? And most importantly, are they a good fit with the company? Do they have the kind of work ethic and dedication that’s going to make them an invaluable asset to your firm? Know more before you decide.

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