Micro X-Ray Inc Manufactures High Quality X-Ray Tubes

Micro X-Ray Inc. believes that sharpness is everything when looking at x-ray images.
We manufacture small focal spot x-ray tubes that will produce exceptionally clear images. You can trust our products to function perfectly and to create x-ray images that are clear and easy to read. The focal spots of our tubes are small and round, and we’ll stand behind the quality of our products.

Our products can be used for a wide variety of applications, and we’re prepared to customize our units to meet the individual needs of our customers. We employ a highly skilled team of engineers to ensure quality products, and each of our tubes is built by hand. We use some of the latest technology available to produce outstanding results, and we’re constantly pushing the innovation in our field.

Our small focal spot x-ray tubes can be used for spectroscopy and other tasks that require an extremely high level of precision. Our team can train you on how to install and use our tubes, and we’ll provide any additional support that you require. As part of our dedication to our customers, we provide exceptional services. We’ll be responsive to your questions, flexible with our availability, and ready to accommodate your specific requirements.

At Micro X-Ray Inc., we’re passionate about our results and committed to never cutting corners with our workmanship. We use high-quality products in our small focal spot x-ray tubes, and we consider the assembly process a form of art. Everything is done “in house”, and we control each step of the process to ensure it is done right.

Micro X-Ray Inc. is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. To find out more about how we could meet your x-ray needs, give us a call today and learn more about our products.