The Many Faces of the Oklahoma Camper

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Business

When most of us think of camping, we only imagine the two most common methods – tent camping and RV camping. There are many ways for Oklahoma outdoors enthusiasts to enjoy a night away from home and under the stars. Here are just a few types of new experiences to consider if you’re thinking about taking a trip to Oklahoma campgrounds this season:

Winter Camping

People typically consider camping during the warmer months, but if you like cold weather – and are willing to pack accordingly – camping in the colder months can be a beautiful way to enjoy peaceful scenery and silent, snowy nights away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Canoe Camping

Ever felt so relaxed in your canoe that you think you could just fall asleep? That’s the basic idea of canoe camping. Bring along your supplies and seeping gear and enjoy your rest right on the water!

Adventure Camping

For anyone who loves hiking, adventure camping provides a much-needed rest between major legs of your hike. It’s an experience all its own, blending traditional tent camping with the creativity required to camp on mountainsides, alongside lakes, and just about anywhere else you can imagine!

Survivalist Camping

Not for the faint of heart, survivalist camping puts individual survival skills to the test as campers choose to live in the wild for days at a time. Popularized by television shows based on this concept, it is a style of camping that goes beyond your everyday adventure by encouraging participants to practice and develop their survival skills in a controlled environment.

Reenactment Camping

Part outdoor adventure and part history lesson, reenactment is typically for larger, group events.

The purpose is to teach different historical methods of camping that various groups or peoples used. This option is perfect for those who love to learn the fun way!

Your Oklahoma campground may not offer all of these, but you’ll certainly find some of these options for your next vacation! Before planning any of these camping style trips, contact your nearest campground or travel agent.

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