Let this California Company Furnish the Micro Fulfillment Center

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Business

The proliferation of mobile devices has all but made digital commerce the sole way of making future purchases. With just a few clicks, sometimes less, customers can get the groceries they need, plus toiletries and alcohol to boot. So far, non-perishable items have been an easy translation when going from brick and mortar to the warehouse distribution center. But perishable goods are another story. The new challenge is getting groceries to customers at the right price point, in the shortest amount of time.

Micro fulfillment California style began as a west-coast experiment but has now reached prominence in other urban centers. Logistics continues to be an issue due to warehouse location. Many major commercial center locations tend to be well outside of populated areas. With so many customers being a great distance from product centers, perishable e-commerce will continue to suffer as a logistics strategy.

To describe micro fulfillment in California, one must take a detailed look at the mechanics first. It is an automated distribution locale outlet purposely situated near the major customer base. The main quadron and dynamic fleet can fit within a space that’s less than 50,000 square feet. There’s more than enough room to keep inventory, and for staff to move around the center ensuring operations remain optimal. Of course, there are still inbound, outbound, and packing stations.

Micro fulfillment is the future, bar none. One integral company within the new ecosystem is McMurray Stern at mcmurraystern.com. We have a selection of shelving fit for mini-distribution centers.

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