Let Pampered Pooches Pad Your Pockets; Purchase a Dog Boarding Franchise

Are you an animal lover who has always wanted to be an entrepreneur? If so, purchasing a dog boarding franchise may be the way to go from pet lover to pet care professional. K9 Pet Resorts offers great business opportunities to people who want to go in business for themselves, without being in business by themselves.

What is a dog boarding franchise? Well, dog boarding refers to any scenario where owners take their dogs to a location other than their home and people look after the dog for a set period of time. The realities of dog boarding vary tremendously from facility to facility. IN some places, pets that are boarded may be confined to kennels or cages for the duration of their stay, living in a situation that is similar to an animal shelter. Other places ensure that pets get some exercise each day, while still other locations allow pets to roam in safe spaces for some part of their stay. K9 Resorts is a luxury dog boarding franchise chain, which focuses on providing upscale dog care for discerning pet owners. We offer the highest standard of pet care, giving owners the feeling that their dogs are enjoying a vacation while they are boarded in one of our facility. This not only allows us to market higher-paying services to pet owners who are willing to spend the money to pamper their pets, but, more importantly, allows us to treat the pets in our care the way we would want someone to treat our pets. That is why we are the number one dog boarding franchise in New Jersey, and number three in the nation! For example, even if pet owners opt for a standard cage-like boarding setting, we include daycare access for the pets, so that they can play and socialize during the day.

You may wonder what benefits a franchise offers that you do not get from simply starting your own brand. We know how to run a successful dog boarding franchise, we can help you benefit from the economies of scale, and you benefit, not only from our marketing efforts, but also from our well-established reputation as an industry leader.