Leather or Fabric Living Room Furniture

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Furniture

Living room furnishings usually include a sofa, love-seat, a chair or two, a coffee table, side tables, and/or recliners. The choice you make for your home is determined by your personal taste and the environment you want for your living area. Living Room Furniture comes in leather and fabric respectively. The following will discuss some options in leather and fabric furnishings.

1. Sofas –Sofas have almost no limit in color options. Some of the fabric colors include sage green, salsa red, mocha, slate, toffee, black, stone white, chocolate, and other modern and popular colors. Materials used in fabric sofas may include polyester, chenille, or microfiber. Leather sofas come in a variety of leather colors like black, tan, orange, and brown. You can choose a sofa with or without a sleeper.

2. Love-Seats – Love-seats are designed to match the sofa when you choose a two-piece living room set like the fabric Darcy salsa sofa and love-seat or the Knox Durablend coffee sofa and love-seat. These sets help you choose matching pieces without having to be overly creative.

3. Chairs – Accent chairs are often used to accent a living room set and to provide additional seating when needed. Accent chairs can feature patterns, solids, and a variety of different styles with or without arms. High-back and low-back versions are available. Examples of chairs can include the Showood Matrix chocolate chair and the Big Flowers patterned upholstery accent chair.

4. Recliners – Recliners are often an essential type of Living Room Furniture. Leather or fabric, you can sit back in comfort. The Arcadia Expresso faux leather recliner and the Galaxy Mocha rocker recliner are examples of recliners for the living room.

Regardless of whether you choose leather, faux leather, or fabric furnishings for your home, you will be creating your perfect living room atmosphere. That is the goal when you are making this kind of investment. Everyone in the family should be able to enjoy the comfort and style chosen. Some factors to consider when choosing your Living Room Furniture include whether or not you have kids and/or pets, how much space you have, and your budget. ANA Furniture offers a wide range of sofas, love-seats, sectionals, chairs, recliners, and other living room solutions.

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