Learn the Benefits Shrink Wrap Packaging Can Offer Your Business

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Business

The packaging is one vital concern for many companies. Without a viable packaging solution, then a company’s products cannot make their way to the marketplace. Many technologies are available on the marketplace. However, shrink wrap packaging is still one of the most effective. Let us consider the benefits.

What Is Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap is a process that involves the use of thin plastic sheets and heat to create a transparent barrier over a product. When the process is applied, the product underneath the wrap is still visible but it has a layer of moisture resistant protection. This is the perfect solution for shipment, display and storage.

How Can I Utilize Shrink Wrap Packaging on a Large Scale?

There are manual techniques for applying shrink wrap packaging. However, larger companies find much more use in heavy equipment. An industrial shrink wrap machine performs the same process described above but on a larger and faster scale. It is the perfect addition to a warehouse or factory floor.

How Fast Can a Shrink Wrap Machine Perform the Packaging Process?

Where a manual technique can take a skilled worker between two and five minutes to perform, the machine can shrink wrap items in around one minute. This time efficiency is a valuable advantage for any company trying to move large product volumes into the marketplace.

Are These Machines Expensive?

An industrial shrink wrap machine can be a sizeable investment. However, it brings reliability, speed and high-quality process to the table. These factors can often see a return on that initial investment in only a short time.

How Reliable are These Machines?

The machines are easy to set up. Within two hours of the unit’s arrival, it can be positioned and running on your company’s floor. An industrial shrink wrap machine’s design is robust and often requires little downtime for maintenance. A few daily sustaining tasks might be necessary, such as cleaning the machine. However, the unit’s failure rate is low.

With so many benefits, a shrink wrap machine might be the perfect solution for your packaging needs.

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