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by | Apr 13, 2018 | Telecommunications

A VOIP PBX system, or Voice Over Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange system, utilizes the internet protocol suite to provide businesses with internal messaging, video, and audio communication capabilities and connect them to the PSTN, or Public Switched Telephone Network. There are three big advantages of VOIP PBX systems over traditional PBX systems. These are the ease of installation, the capability to easily handle internal changes, and the low cost of operation.

Easy to Install

VOIP PBX systems are much easier to set up than traditional PBX systems. There is no complex wiring to install; instead, the system is reliant on software only. Hardware installation can be as simple as plug-and-go, rather than requiring a trained technician to make any additions. While the installation of a brand new system is relatively simple and easy, it is also easy to install a VOIP PBX system in conjunction with an existing telephone system. The VOIP PBX system will work with existing telecommunications infrastructure with no need of replacing existing telephones or numbers.

Easily Handles Internal Changes

With a VOIP PBX system, it is not necessary to have a trained technician come out to make changes and additions to the system. Existing devices can be unplugged and relocated, and new devices can be plugged in with ease for instant use. This makes moving staff and adding new staff a breeze. And since the system is software-dependent, these additional devices can be added without the need for extra wiring.

Low Operational Cost

The cost of operation of VOIP PBX systems is very low. Long distance telephone calls are very cheap, because the system uses the internet protocol suite. These calls can even be free, if they are made between linked systems. This is a great way for businesses to keep their long distance communication costs down. Since trained technicians are not required for changes and additions, maintenance costs are low as well.

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