Know Your Virtual Sales Training Programs Options

There are several ways that providers offer virtual sales training programs. One option is live training, which can be an hour to a day or more, depending on the specific training topics, the complexity of the material and concepts, and the specific goals of the business.

The key factor to consider in a live virtual training is the quality of the presenter. This is one area where the presenter must be engaging, provide interactive online experiences, and be able to capture the attention of the audience through the screen.

When choosing a live virtual training option, it is critical to review past virtual trainings offered by the facilitator. Look for professional speakers with experience and a top reputation in quality presentations. Here are some of the options for virtual sales training available today:

Pre-Packaged Trainings

A common option for virtual sales training programs are pre-packaged programs. These programs provide significant flexibility as employees can access the modules, units, or trainings at their own pace.

Many of these programs have built-in exercises, activities, and quizzes. This provides accountability for completing the coursework and provides important feedback to the business.

Hybrid Programs

Hybrid virtual sales training programs typically involve live presentations at the beginning or the end of the course, or sometimes both.

In between, the employees work through online course modules at their own pace. Setting a deadline for completing the training allows for scheduling the live virtual events giving the trainers an opportunity to plan so they can highlight key points, provide time for discussion, and offer practical insight into how to implement the knowledge and skills.

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