Italian Handcrafted Pizza Ovens for Sale

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Biz Trade News

While you can technically cook a pizza inside any type of oven, if you’ve ever had one cooked in an authentic, handcrafted Italian pizza oven, then you know that you can taste the difference. Pizza ovens, as their name implies, were designed specifically for firing pizzas, and the difference in the quality of your pizza when they’re cooked in a pizza over versus when they’re cooked in a traditional oven is simply unparalleled.

The Fontana family is an Italian family that understands the difference that lies in the oven, and that’s why they’ve dedicated their business to handcrafting ovens for distribution all over North America. There’s plenty of benefits to using pizza ovens, and if you’re not already looking for pizza ovens for sale, you certainly will be after learning what they are.

First of all, pizza ovens cook the pizza faster. If you’re going to run a pizzeria, a pizza oven is simply a must. Even if you just want a pizza oven in your backyard or inside your kitchen, it will reduce the amount of time it takes for you to cook a pizza. Regular ovens max at approximately 500 degrees Fahrenheit while pizza ovens can get as hot as 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The increased temperature is part of the reason why you’re able to achieve a crisper crust with pizza ovens too.

Plus, the cooking process diminishes the nutrients in food. The structure of a food changes as it’s heated. That’s why vegetables and such are oftentimes served al dente. When you cook them too long, you cook all the nutrients out of them. The same goes for pizza dough and all the toppings you place on it.

Pizza ovens will make your pizzas not only taste better and cook faster, but they’ll be better for you nutrient-wise too.

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