Is Your Home a Good Match for a Heat Pump in Southington, CT?

Is Your Home a Good Match for a Heat Pump in Southington, CT?

Residents in the New England states have discovered that heat pumps provide a reliable alternative to the most common heating methods. A single heat pump may not provide all of the warmth a home needs when the temperatures dip severely, but they are effective at helping to save money by reducing oil usage. Installing a Heat Pump in Southington CT is a sensible solution that offers a number of benefits in addition to saving money.

Easy to Install

Heat pumps are a single-day installation in most homes. The units are ductless and require very little space inside and out for mounting. The condenser is installed outside, the unit is installed inside near the location of the condenser and the wiring is attached to the breaker box.

Better for Allergies

Ductless systems do not blow dust, pollen or other debris into the air. There are no lines for these irritants to collect in and the filters on the heat pump clean what air is released into the home. This makes installing a Heat Pump in Southington CT a smart option for families with asthma or allergy sufferers.

Keeps Things Quiet

Many heat pump models are significantly quieter than traditional furnaces. The sound level will vary on each model, so if this is important to the homeowner, it is necessary to check the rating of each before purchasing. In general, larger units will create more sound than a smaller one.

Cooling Things Down

Min-split pumps make it possible to cool the home in the summer too. This is beneficial to homeowners that currently rely on window AC units to keep their house comfortable in hot weather. A heat pump does not block the view of any windows and it does not have to be installed and removed seasonally.

Some people wish to forgo their traditional heating systems entirely in favor of using a heat pump. Colder climates make it more difficult for a heat pump to warm an entire home as effectively as it would in a more temperate climate. Larger homes may require two pumps to provide adequate full time heat. Older homes that have not had their insulation, doors and windows upgraded may also struggle with only a heat pump for warmth. Visit website name to see all of the options available locally or to contact the company for a consultation to learn more about the benefits of ductless heating systems.

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