Is License Plate Recognition Good for Your Gated Community?

Technology is on your side when it comes to stopping property crime around your gated community. Having a license plate recognition system installed will make it easier to track down criminals because you will have evidence of their license plate or vehicle description. Because this evidence will be on video, there is no question surrounding what happened, or who did it. While there are privacy concerns, the other side of the argument is that you can keep your community safer. Learn more about automated license plate recognition to decide whether installing these systems is the right choice for your community.

What is an automatic license plate recognition system?

An automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system captures license plate images using high-resolution, high-speed cameras with infrared (IR) filters and sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR). The license plate recognition software also records the times and dates when the images are taken. The software then stores all the information on the cloud.

The benefits of ALPR technology

ALPR technology gives gated communities confidence and peace of mind that they will always be protected. Physical barriers like gates and fences usually don’t deter criminals, and hired security personnel don’t have enough eyes to ensure the safety of community residents. ALPRs are the eyes and ears of your neighborhood, discouraging criminals from committing crimes. They are also cost-effective since they are self-sufficient and require little to no human intervention to function properly.

Besides these, ALPRs will also automatically keep an electronic database that contains lists of vehicles allowed entry into, or exit from, the community. The system can also track vehicles that have been reported stolen, vehicles that have been reported abandoned, vehicles used in criminal activities, or any vehicle that has violated any posted community parking or speed law at the gated community.

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Should your gated community get license plate recognition?

Some people worry that ALPRs violate their privacy because it keeps track of your activities. However, it’s important to remember that gated communities own the data, so you have to decide if the benefits of the technology outweigh your concerns. If privacy is an issue, you can take it up as an HOA board and decide on specific guidelines on what to do with the data to ease the worries of your residents.

If you’re looking for assurances that your data will be safe, consider going for a trusted license plate recognition provider, like Proptia, that will guarantee they will not share or sell your data to third parties. Contact Proptia today and learn how ALPRs can help secure your gated community.