If You Were Injured in a Boating Accident, Consult Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Olympia, WA

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Personal Injury Attorneys

Boating is a way of life in Olympia, WA. Sailboats, yachts, fishing boats, canoes and kayaks are all everyday sights on the beautiful waters of Puget Sound. Unfortunately, not everyone is as careful or knowledgeable as they should be and others are injured. It may be necessary to consult personal injury attorneys in Olympia, WA in order to receive necessary compensation.

Don’t Blame Bad Weather

Many people assume that most boating accidents are caused by bad weather. Actually, this is the opposite of true. Most boating accidents happen on a clear day with calm water and great visibility. It actually makes sense. That’s when everyone wants to be out on the water.

The Primary Causes of Boating Accidents

There are a number of causes of boating accidents. Most are preventable. People are injured or die when they fall overboard, the boat swamps and sinks or during collisions with objects or other boats.

     *     The operator of a boat must be vigilant at all times, paying attention to the boat, the weather and any unsafe objects or conditions.

     *     There should be a designated lookout on a boat who watches for any hazard or threat.

     *     Inexperienced operators are to blame for many accidents. Buying a boat does not automatically mean that someone knows the boating basics and is prepared for emergencies.

     *     Speeding is just as dangerous on the water as it is on the highway.

     *     Too many people think drinking on a boat is just part of the experience. Boating under the influence causes far too many accidents.

     *     Every boat needs a lot of maintenance. The owner of the boat is responsible for seeing that the boat is properly maintained.

     *     Navigational rules are just as important as stop or one-way signs and traffic lights, serving the same purpose. When a boater ignores navigational rules, this increases the chances of an accident or running aground.

     *     Weather can turn bad and become dangerous very quickly. It’s essential to pay attention to weather reports and to recognize when it’s time to head back to shore.

     *     Large boats create large waves or wakes that can swamp smaller boats, possibly resulting in injury or death.

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