How to Protect Your Business Against Slip and Fall Claims in Louisville With Surveillance

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Security

A person can slip and fall in your business at any time for any reason. It does not mean the business is always at fault for the incident. Unfortunately, there are scam artists who are not legitimately hurt, but trying to take advantage of the business. Read on to find out how to protect your business with verified systems in Louisville, KY.

Put a Second Set of Eyes on Your Business

It is hard for someone to do anything these days without it getting caught on camera. Cameras are everywhere and are often used to solve legal cases. If you want to prevent fraudulent cases against your business, then you should install video surveillance with verified systems in Louisville, KY.

Nowadays, this system is more advanced. Video surveillance systems use trained technicians in real time to monitor your property. This allows you to react immediately as soon as the accident happens. Access to video can make a difference in the outcome of crimes that occur on your property.

Catch Fraudulent Behavior in Action

In a slip and fall lawsuit, a claimant may say he or she fell on your company’s property. Video surveillance allows you to watch video to check out the claimant’s story. The video may show that the claimant fell in the street and not on your property. A business owner is not liable for incidents that did not occur on the business’s property. Fortunately, video evidence can save your company money and protect your property.

Be Proactive

Many businesses make the mistake of waiting for criminal activity to occur. It helps to have a plan in place. There is a chance that burglaries can occur, and people can file lawsuits.

If a business becomes the target of criminal activities, then it can have a negative effect of your bottom line. It is time to contact Sonitrol to find out how to secure your business.

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