How to Get Documents Attested or Certified for Dispatch to Countries Outside the US

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Legal Services

Authentication services provide individual, private or corporate document certification through US federal or state departments. Expert services can efficiently shepherd documents through the correct legalization processes for use by government authorities around the world.

What is Document Attestation?

Document attestation is the term commonly used in areas other than the United States when referring to document authentication. The procedure applies in cases where documents need authentication and also legalization through embassies before being presented in other countries. Document attestation for China is one example.

Chain of Authentication

The procedure is conducted according to a chain of authentication processes:

  • Certification through the Secretary of State
  • Attestation, certification or apostille through the US Department of State
  • Document legalization from an embassy

Types of Documents

Authentication and apostille services, preferably accredited by the BBB , make sure documents from the US are attested for countries around the world. These documents might include transcripts, birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, powers of attorney or commercial documents, including certificates of origin, commercial invoices or agreements, board resolutions or articles of incorporation.

Getting Them Sent

Typically documents go by standard correspondence or express companies to an authentication service, which will send them to countries worldwide, such as apostille, certification or document attestation for China, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.

US Authentication Services conducts and expedites all aspects of the certification process and provides all requirements for document authentication for use in the destination country. Call today or visit the company website at for more information or a quote.

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