How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Dog – Ingredients or Terms to Avoid

How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Dog – Ingredients or Terms to Avoid

If you are a dog owner, then you understand how important it is to give your dog the best dog food. A pet parent often spends days and weeks doing research on the best dog food. Why? Because there are dog foods that can upset a dog’s digestive system. With good foods, dogs can develop shinier eyes and skin, even smoother fur. With the benefits of feeding your dog the best dog, here are three steps that you can do in picking the best healthy dog food in Jacksonville.

Read Labels on Commercial Dog Food Packaging

According to the FDA, dog food that says 95% protein doesn’t mean that it has 95% protein. This means though that the processed food has water content and with the water content, the actual protein count is around 70%.

Another term or label to watch out for is ‘dinner’. According to the FDA, the word dinner (eg chicken stew dinner or salmon dinner for dogs) means it only has 25% protein. The same percentage of protein can be found on foods with the term ‘entrée’, ‘platter’, and ‘nuggets’. And when the label says beef or chicken flavor, the FDA says it only has a trace of the flavor being offered.

Another label to avoid when buying food for your pet is ‘meat-meal’ or ‘meat by-product’. Meat-meal means rendered product from animal tissues and meat by-product means animal parts that are not deemed eatables such as hair, hooves, and hair. You should look for pet foods that contain the word “100% meat”.

If you are not sure on what to food If you are looking for healthy dog food in Jacksonville, there are stores that offer natural food for pets like Earth Pets and you can visit their website