How to Choose a CCTV System for Bowling Green, KY: Helpful Tips to Remember

Are you choosing a CCTV System in Bowling Green, KY? Are you wondering what’s available?

CCTV is just another name for video surveillance. Today’s options are high-tech yet user friendly. CCTV systems in Bowling Green, KY, are among the most advanced on the market. Here are two outstanding options worth considering.

DVR CCTV Systems

DVR surveillance systems record everything a camera captures to a high-definition digital video recorder. Thanks to hardware and software flexibility, DVR models integrate seamlessly with analog surveillance cameras as well as IP, megapixel and wireless cameras. Special hybrid DVRs can even mix IP and analog as needed.

Compatible cameras and DVRs provide remote access from anywhere via a working internet connection. POS integration provides a bird’s eye view of cashier, customer and cashier activity while advanced video analytics can enhance captured images with movement tracking and people counting.

Depending on your needs, you can get systems that store your footage for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

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