How to Buy Replacement Parts for Your Stove

How to Buy Replacement Parts for Your Stove

Your stove is one of your most important appliances: it helps you prepare the food you eat most days efficiently and effectively. It’s not a cheap appliance though, and the higher the quality of a stove, the more expensive it generally will be. That is why it is important that you keep your stove in perfect condition. It is less expensive in the long term to invest in new replacement parts for your stove as it ages. Here is how you can buy those parts.

Buy From The Stove Brand

Replacement parts are easy to get from your stove’s maker. Companies like Maytag, GE, and Whirlpool all offer certified, factory made parts that are sure to fit your stove’s make and, most likely, edition. This option can be more economical for you if you can repair your stove yourself. This way, you can buy the part at slightly less than retail price (because it is coming directly from the company itself) and you do not have to spend money on service charges. Buying directly from the maker means it is more likely that they will have the parts for an older edition of your stove that has otherwise been discontinued (but they may not, as well).

Buy From Department Stores

Department stores, like Sears and Coleman, offer both generic parts for your stove as well as specific parts for your brand of stove and its edition. This option is similar to buying from the stove brand, but could limit you in two ways. The first is that these retailers may have a slightly higher markup on the price for some parts that you could otherwise buy cheaper from the brand. The second limitation is that these companies may not have access to the specific parts that you need without pre-ordering them, which can make them a less efficient option.

Buy From Your Repairman

Buying replacement parts for stoves can be simplest through your repairman. It can often be the most expensive option, but can be the most convenient. If you’re lucky, you can get a repairman with access to wholesale prices for parts, which could save on your bill. When you go with this option, you get both the part you need from someone who is most likely able to source it, and you have someone who can fix your appliance on your behalf. It goes without saying that this option is for those who can’t do the repair themselves.