How does an ASRS system work with racking?

Many warehouses are utilizing Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems to enhance picking processes for greater efficiencies. The efficiencies include improved storage usage, reduced labor requirements and costs, and improved picking accuracy.

The ASRS systems are computer controlled to store and retrieve products in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and transportation centers. These systems have been developing over the years. With ASRS, loads are strategically stored or picked by automation upon demand without the use of any manual labor.

There are many kinds of ASRS systems, and they all work differently. But their main goal is to speed up the warehouse’s processes. Different ASRS systems work along different types of racking systems.
Types of ASRS include;

1. ASRS Rack Supported Buildings

In many cases, ASRS systems work within a Rack Supported Building. This a warehouse that utilizes the storage racks as support for the roof and walls. They are often over 100 feet in height and can result in footprint savings of 15% versus traditional warehouses. ASRS cranes travel down the rack aisles to sort, store and retrieve product.

2. Free Standing ASRS Rack

No all ASRS systems have to be Rack Supported Buildings. They can be free standing rack structures as well. Like rack supported building applications, cranes can travel the aisles in these systems to access products.

3. AGVs and Conventional Racking

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are becoming quite popular. These autonomous fork trucks can add automation to a conventional racking system by replacing standard fork trucks with drivers.

4. Semi-Automated Rack Systems

For those not ready to use a fully automated system, semi-automated rack solutions, like Frazier’s Pallet Mole®, are available. This system combines automation simultaneously with conventional labor. A shuttle moves product throughout the rack system to aisle positions, where it can be retrieved by fork truck operators. Because of simultaneous movement, greater productivity is achieved.

Benefits of ASRS
An Automated Storage and Retrieval System has a few advantages, including;
• It reduces labor requirements and costs.
• It reduces picking errors.
• ASRS improves ergonomics.
• Improve floor space usage.
• It’s an electrical device; hence no battery charging or backup battery is required.

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