Have a Functional Unisex Chef Coat and Still look Styled

The Unisex chef coats are a staple in every commercial kitchen. It is a tool that is just as essential as a great knife or reliable cookware. While it looks like a simple jacket, there are a few important features you should be looking for when shopping for a new chef coat.


Your chef coat is a safety item you need to be able to count on. Many coats are made with a double layer of thick fabric. This design should provide you with some level of fire resistance when working so closely with open flames and hot surfaces.


Your chef coat should help prevent cuts from sharp knives and other tools that you use daily. The material needs to be thick enough to also help prevent burns from steam and hot liquids. All of this needs to come from a breathable fabric you can comfortably wear all day long.


Your coat needs to keep you looking tidy. Double-breasted designs allow you to unbutton your top layer and reverse those layers. This hides stains that can look unprofessional if you need to go out into the dining area and talk to customers.

Finding unisex chef coats that provide all of these benefits is a wonderful feeling. You can go to work knowing you are protected and looking your best. Begin your search for the perfect coat by visiting Blue it at BlueCut – Modern Uniforms, Workwear and Aprons where you will find a wide selection of great workwear.