Get Wowed with New and Fun Water Inflatables

Even though the summer season seems to be rapidly slipping away, there is still plenty of time to get out on the water and enjoy a number of activities before the cool fall weather settles in. Fishing, cruising, and water skiing are traditional favorites out on the boat. And one other really fun thing to do, whether towed by boat or just floating along, is a sun-soaked time spent on water inflatables.

Water inflatables have come a real long way since they were just basically old black truck or tire innertubes. Coming in a wide variety of eye-catching colors, these inflatables now come in sizes that can accommodate just one rider, all the way up to 12 people!

Different designs in inflatables permit riders to be seated upright or laying down flat. And they’re not exclusively round any longer (though that is still a popular choice). There is a lot of technology now incorporated into the design of these inflatables. Take for example the Closed Bow banana boats. New, patented, streamlined construction by one leading manufacturer has this boat constructed of one piece, shaped like a standard boat hull. Streamlining construction on these and other inflatable craft serves to enable the craft to have less drag, going through the water more smoothly. Stress is subsequently lessened on the craft, and less stress is put on the towing boat, helping to save gasoline in the process.

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