Get Cold, Hard Cash Fast to Pay Bills: Sell Jewelry in Charleston, SC

Get Cold, Hard Cash Fast to Pay Bills: Sell Jewelry in Charleston, SC

There are many easy ways to sell jewelry in Charleston, SC, but nothing beats the convenience and fair pricing of a trusted, local, family-owned pawnshop. Selling to a pawnshop offers the opportunity of negotiating a price, receiving cash on the spot or applying the value of the jewelry to another item in the store.

Quick Jewelry Appraisal

Seasoned pawnbrokers know good jewelry when they see it. They also know what sells in their particular shop. These and other factors affect amounts of cash offers for jewelry.

Appraisers use special tools, chemicals or print resources to gauge the purity of jewelry samples. The Rapaport Diamond Report, for example, offers industry standards on diamond prices. Appraisers are also specially trained to assess the color, clarity and flaws of stones.

All of these characteristics contribute to the ultimate cash offer for a piece of jewelry. The process takes mere minutes, letting sellers be on their way in record time with cash in hand.

What Jewelry Sells Best?

Jewelry sales vary widely from region to region, but secondhand wedding rings and bands top the list of the pieces purchased most frequently. Accessories like earrings, chains, watches and bracelets perhaps don’t sell as much as wedding jewelry, but their sales are still fairly strong. Grillz, name pendants and double-knuckle rings are always a gamble.

Since it’s hard to assess beforehand what might sell or not, it’s best to just take whatever finer jewelry one has to the pawnshop if getting king cash is the primary objective.