Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Services Near Hayward, CA

When a loved one passes away, they may have left instructions for their internment, and those instructions may request cremation. This is sometimes a financially motivated decision because cremation services near Hayward, CA, can be less expensive than a traditional burial. If your family is considering cremation, the following guide may answer some of your questions.

Do All Religions Allow Cremation?
While most religions do permit it, this isn’t the case with every faith. Ideally, you should discuss this option with a spiritual leader in your faith ahead of time. This can help you learn how your religion addresses cremation before you commit to that type of service.

Can the Family Still Have a Funeral or Memorial Service?
Your family can schedule a service for your deceased loved one. It can be scheduled prior to the cremation or shortly afterwards. You can rent a casket to use for the service when you have the funeral before the cremation.

How Will the Remains Be Stored?
When you use cremation services near Hayward, CA, you’ll be able to buy an urn for the remains. Most urns are relatively small as a cremated adult results in approximately five pounds of ashes. Once you receive the filled urn, you can choose how to store the ashes. You can have them interned at a cemetery just as you would do with a casket. Alternatively, you can scatter the ashes in a place of meaning or take them home to create a personal memorial.

When you want to lay your loved one to rest in a Catholic setting, you can learn how Holy Sepulchre Cemetery can help.