Four Benefits of Renting From a Professional RV Storage Company

The RV recreational market is expected to increase to $56.5 billion by 2024, according to Global Market Insights, which represents about a 5% increase per year. With this many units in use, it’s understandable that owners will need places to store their RVs when they’re not using them. That’s when you should consider using a professional RV storage facility. Here’s why.

To Abide By HOA Restrictions

Professional RV storage facilities can help you abide by your homeowners association’s regulations. Often, HOAs will not allow you to store large vehicles like an RVs on your property. Otherwise, you could get fined or have your vehicle towed away. With an RV storage facility, you can store your unit away from your property and get it when you need it.

Prevents Damage

RVs usually cost between $100,000 and $300,000. That’s why you don’t want to keep your RV stored in your driveway where it’s subjected to the weather elements. You’d also have to worry about people running into your RV when they visit you. RV storage facilities can minimize repair bills and prevent your insurance rate from going up.

Variety of Units

Your RV storage company may have several types of units available for your recreation vehicle. A couple of the more common units are covered compartments and fully indoor units. Many of the latter units are heat-regulated and can cost between $100 and $450 per month to rent. This is a small price to pay to keep your RV safe and secure.

Flexible Cancellation Policies

Most reputable RV storage facilities will allow you to rent by the month. This enables you to cancel at any time and only having to pay for the present month’s rent. If you cancel during the middle of the month, your bill may be prorated to reflect the extra time used.

The best thing about having an RV storage unit is being about to access it at all hours. That’s because most storage companies will provide you with access codes to enter their properties whenever you want.

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