Five Tips To Avoid Failure When Using a Powder Coating Machine

When used correctly, powder coating machines are capable of producing some of the most impressive finishes. However, these jobs don’t always come out like you envision. If you keep getting stuck with lackluster powder coating jobs, you could use a little help. Pay attention to these five tips that will help you get the beautiful finish you desire.

  • Always Use a Sample

At first, it is difficult to resist the urge to start spraying right away. Sure, it is actually pretty fun to powder coat. Yet, you should always know what you are getting into before starting. Check out the TDS documentation for the specific powder you will be using. More importantly, use the powder on a sample piece to see how it applies. Doing so will help you be more successful when applying your finish.

  • Remember to Stay Cool

Again, jumping right into things is not the way to go. If you have a part that has just gone through manufacturing, let it cool off. It is never a good idea to use powder on a hot object. The powder is likely to melt in a weird way when it hits a hot surface. This will most definitely ruin your finish. Be smart and let the object cool to the ambient temperature before working.

  • Use the Right Tools

You can’t expect to get a proper finish if you are using cheap equipment. It’s true, you get what you pay for! Therefore, you will need to invest in quality equipment to get quality finishes. Don’t waste time with cheaper alternatives that won’t get the job done.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

It is unreasonable to think you’ll get perfect finishes every time. Using a powder coating machine actually requires a lot of practice. The professionals in this industry spend a countless number of hours perfecting their technique. You can expect that you’ll have to do the same before you get satisfactory results.

  • Touch Up Quickly

If you make a mistake while powder coating, not all hope is lost. There is still a small opportunity to make changes. Pay attention to the surface immediately following the application. This is the time to do touch ups without causing further issues. Make sure you are quick to act to avoid having to do the whole job over again.

Wrapping Up Powder Coating Jobs

If you’ve been powder coating the wrong way, the tips above should help. Overall, it’s just going to take time and experience to get better. Don’t be afraid to experiment on your own to see what works best.

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