Fire Alarms in Louisville, KY Save Lives and Property

According to a report presented in September 2017 by the National Fire Protection Association in 2016, fire departments in the United States responded to more than 1.3 billion fires. There were over 3000 fire fatalities in 2016 and 14,650 people suffered injuries from fires. It is a sad statistic someone dies every two hours and 35 minutes and someone is injured in a fire every 35 minutes, 54 seconds. With fire prevention, every second counts. Even worse is home fires represent 81 percent of all fire-related deaths. When it comes to direct property loss from fires, the cost is staggering at $10.6 billion and that is just for one year. The reality is many of them could have been avoided with the proper installation and use of fire alarms in Louisville, KY.

Best Ways to Make Your Property or Business Fire Safe

Real fire prevention starts with fire alarms in Louisville, KY, with experienced monitoring 24/7. You should invest in alarms specifically suited for your business and the environment. A fire system that detects smoke and carbon monoxide is imperative. In a business or warehouse space, owners should select one that detects smoke, heat and certain chemicals or gas reactions. Having smoke detectors helps but only if they are properly maintained. Changing the batteries every three months and testing the system annually is a good way to make sure your fire system is working properly.

Expert Monitoring

When an alarm is activated, you want to be sure the fire department arrives to address the issue. Having 24/7 monitoring that can tell the difference between an intruder alarm and a fire alarm in Louisville, KY, can save lives, as well as fees on false alarms.

To learn more about the benefits of using a fire alarm in Louisville, KY, contact Sonitrol Security of Louisville.