Finding the Right Paint Finish, and Other Home Renovation in University Place WA Tips for 2017

Paint finishes come in an assortment of styles. Yes, just as a designer needs to select the paint color, they also need to select the style and approach to the finish that will coat the paint. Not al paint finishes are created equal. To really get the most out of a Home Renovation in University Place WA, select a paint finish that makes sense, looks wonderful, and remains affordable.

What are some basic things to know about paint finishes? Well, there are at least four main types. These include flat, satin, eggshell, and a handful of others. Flat is the most common because it is cost-effective and easy to apply. It also has a major drawback. A flat finish does not reflect light, so it has a very even and consistent look. The bad thing is that it shows everything. It is extremely hard to clean once it gets dirty and it shows all stains, marks, and discolorations. It is not advisable for a child’s bedroom, for one.

Eggshell reflects a lot of light. Eggshell will also retain the original color of the paint for as long as possible, and arguably longer than any other paint finish style. The drawback is that eggshell is a little costly. It also reflects almost too much light, which makes it particularly shiny in a brightly-lit room or a room that has only a few colors. It may be best used in a darker room where the light coloration of the walls can really pop.

Satin has all the major benefits. It reflects light, but not too much. It has a glossy look that can be wonderful and appealing in many capacities. It is also particularly expensive, and can be a pretty heavy addition to the budget. It is also rather hard to apply, and may only be recommended for professionals due to its sensitive texture and thinness.

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