End of Summer Bash: Ideas to Bring your Lake Party from Ho-Hum to Epic

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Water Sports

With the warm weather coming to an end and winter quickly approaching, why not throw one last bash before having to bundle up for that cold weather. In order to throw an epic end-of-summer bash, you will need more than just the lake. Thankfully, the following tips will help ensure your end of summer is one for the books.

Get to Tubin’

Having will bring your party to the next level. Your guests can also use the towable tube without being towed if they just want to float around the lake and relax.

Bring the Noise

A portable outdoor speaker allows you to add music to your party. Consider creating the playlist with the help of your guests. This can be done by including a “what song would you like played” card in the invitation. This allows everyone coming to the party to have at least one song that they like played.

Self-Serve Grub

One of the great things about a lake party featuring towable tubes for boating is that the entire affair is more laid back and relaxed. The food can be self-served instead of catered. Consider setting up a hot dog bar where your guests can select from various toppings and make their hot dog the way they like it.

For more information on towable tubes and what other floating devices you can add to your party, reach out to WOW Sports LLC at wowwatersports.com. They are the go-to expert for fun on the water.

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