Employee Empowerment

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Business

Employee empowerment is a business concept some companies choose to embrace. For a workforce to feel empowered, an employer may want to nurture a corporate culture that encourages employees to invest themselves in their jobs and commit to a growth mindset. A company might even bring in an attitude motivational speaker to facilitate an employee workshop that inspires company engagement. The following describes additional steps a company might implement to foster an environment supportive of empowerment.

Corporate Message

Communicating a corporate vision extends beyond a statement on the inside cover of a company newsletter. You want to breathe life into your message by making it a part of your company’s workplace routine. Feature the vision statement where employees could see it and make it a part of the company’s branded communications. For the vision to be implemented, you want your workforce excited and involved in bringing the vision to life. Seeing it and acting upon it every day could help to keep the message fresh and vital.

Employer and Employee Alignment

Consider creating objectives for your employees that align with the company’s goals. Understanding how their jobs contribute to the bottom line can play a helpful part in a company’s success. Employees would have a better understanding of the relationship between their work and the organization, and it could also help them make informed decisions regarding their individual performance.

Supportive Culture

Companies that recognize and support pro-active employees, with incentive rewards, could help to encourage similar behavior from other employees throughout the organization. Rewarding employee initiative serves as positive feedback and a validation of company support. Recognition equates to respect for and appreciation of performance excellence.

Right Tools

A company might want to assess any internal practices that could impede employees from flourishing in their jobs. Perhaps it could be workflow procedures that inhibit initiative or a management structure that limits two-way communication. A corporate culture that supports employee empowerment may want to look at its operational systems to determine if any changes would be beneficial.

Mutual Growth

The relationship between employer and employee can be symbiotic, with both parties invested in mutual growth. For empowerment to flourish, companies might consider supporting the process by infusing the corporate message throughout the organization. This is done by aligning employer and employee objectives, creating a supportive empowerment culture, and providing tools to make it work. To solidify their commitment to an empowerment culture, a company might also feature a workshop with an attitude motivational speaker to launch their initiative. For more information, visit website.

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