Emergency Furnace Repair in Norristown, PA: Keeping Homes Warm While You Wait

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Heating and Cooling

A furnace that stops working suddenly, without any warning, is one of the biggest worries for many homeowners. A cooling system causes discomfort when it breaks down, but the lack of heat is much more serious. Homes without heat are at risk of frozen pipes and could become unlivable if the temperature drops too far. There are a few things people should try before making a call for furnace repair in Norristown, PA; and some things they can do to keep themselves more comfortable while they wait for help.

Before calling, make certain the problem is not something simple. Many furnace problems are issues that homeowners can resolve on their own. Check breakers to see if they need to be reset, make certain the thermostat was not accidentally bumped and check the fuel level. Easily resolved issues like plugged filters and a gas line that is turned off are also frequent causes. If these simple solutions are not the problem, it is time to call for assistance.

Emergency furnace repair in Norristown, PA, is always available. After making the call, the homeowner should take steps to reduce their heat loss and keep their home comfortable longer. Close off rooms that are not in use and avoid opening any exterior doors. Use blankets and towels to block any drafts around windows and doors. Close any drapes or shades to prevent heat loss through the glass, unless the sun is out. Fill the bathtub and kitchen sinks with hot water if it is available. Bake something and leave the oven door open after the oven is off, to allow the heat to vent into the room.

Most emergency furnace repair technicians understand the need to get to their clients as fast as possible. However, there is no way to determine how long a repair will take. In most cases the technician is able to have the furnace running within a couple of hours. Homes that are well insulated will usually not become too cold during this short period of time. These tips are more useful for people with houses that are older and cool faster; and when the problem is not noticed until the temperature has already dropped. Visit website for the contact number to call when furnace repair is needed. They do everything possible to get to their customers quickly, whether it is a planned repair or an emergency service.

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