Digital Asset Management Services for Pharmaceuticals in Danbury, CT

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Business

Changing regulations for pharmaceuticals has led to the expansion of social media for shifting content utilization and communicating data on key development milestones. The early establishment of a process for content management in a product’s development lifecycle has served to benefit late-stage companies. It’s also led to the development of best practices to sync content strategies with processes, people, and technology in product launches.

Coordination Services

The purpose of a coordinator is to steer assets through review and approval in partnership with project owners, agencies, and reviewers, ensuring compliance, identifying gaps or bottleneck, and maintaining an efficient process.

Strategic Services

Strategic services for pharma promotional data management bring industry insight and experience to medical and promotional content review. Experts in medical, legal, and regulatory review and approval help late-stage companies improve MLR, technology utilization, staff training, and operational wellness.

Digital Asset Libraries

Library services for pharma promotional data management reference and secure a business’s digital assets in preparation for its distribution in the context of digital asset management, or DAM. The process observes technology-platform best practices and ensures the consistency of metadata according to organizational guidelines.

Regulatory Experts

Expert services in the regulatory submission process for medical and promotional review in Danbury CT, having successfully managed more than 500,000 assets from the first submission to distribution, can augment a pharmaceutical business’s department for regulatory submissions while facilitating tasks and permitting the company to focus on strategic and creative endeavors. Call Framework Solutions Inc at 844.395.4548 or visit to download the white paper.

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