Dating and the Single Parent: 9 Things to Remember

Dating is tough for everybody, but nobody has it tougher than single parents. If you’re a single mom or dad looking to get back in the saddle, here’s 9 tips to make it easier.

Put Yourself First for Once
It’s OK to want to go on dates. Remember that your kids learn more from what you do than what you tell them. If you want your children to take care of themselves, then you should demonstrate this by doing it for yourself.

Feel Wanted
Being single after an unsuccessful relationship can leave you feeling rejected. As you get back into it, you may have trouble thinking of yourself as something other than a parent. Remember that you have so much to offer a potential mate. If you’re having trouble thinking of reasons, ask your friends and loved ones (even your kids) what’s great about you.

Make the Time
Being unable to make time is often more of an excuse than the truth. You have important meetings and appointments all the time; make yourself a priority!

Don’t Be Afraid to Date Non-Parents
A single parent knows how to be in a loving and committed relationship; doesn’t that sound like someone you’d like to date? You have a lot to offer non-parents, so let them decide whether they’re interested.

Be Upfront About Parenthood
While it can be scary, you should let your date know you’re a single parent as early as possible. Answer any questions they may have, but keep the focus of the date about you as a person.

Be Confident
Going on dates makes everyone edgy. Your date is just as nervous and excited as you are. But you’re a parent; how can a date be scary compared to what you deal with every day?

Be Honest With Your Children
Tell your children that you’re going on a date. Don’t kid yourself: your kids are going to notice you anxiously getting dressed up. Tell them beforehand but keep the conversation short.

Wait Before You Introduce Your Kids
The last thing you want if for your children to get attached to someone who might not be around. Don’t introduce your date to your kids until there’s a serious commitment. This also lets you avoid using awkward terms like “Mommy’s special friend.”

Hold Off Introducing the Ex
Just like introducing them to your children, it’s best to wait before introducing your special someone to your ex. Even if you have a good relationship with your ex, it’s going to be awkward for everyone involved.

Despite all the risks, dating is well worth the rewards. If you put yourself out there with confidence, you are sure to find someone worthwhile.