Cutting Oil Additives in Cleveland, OH Depending on Application

Cutting oil additives are also called metalworking fluid additives or cutting fluid additives. They are substances added to cutting oils to better their efficiency and performance in cutting metals and machinery operations.

They improve cooling, lubrication, and chip evacuation, which helps increase the tools’ lifespan and improve the finished product’s quality. The cutting fluid additives you use depend on the materials you are cutting, the machining process type, and the desired results.

Extreme Pressure (EP) Additives

These include chlorine and sulfur compounds that help reduce wear and friction in high-stress metalworking processes. That makes them useful in operations like tapping and drilling.

Anti-Weld Additives

These create a protective film between the workpiece and the cutting tool, keeping them from welding together. Fatty acid esters and sulfurized fats are the most common anti-weld additives.


These include water-based cutting fluids and water-soluble oils that help in dissipating the heat produced during machining. They also help stabilize operating temperatures, ensuring safety and longer tool lifespans.

Lubricacy Enhancers

These enhance the slip-and-slide properties between your workpieces and tools, minimizing friction and wear. The most common ones are specialty lubricants, esters, and fatty acids.

Anti-Foaming Agents

These additives help hinder excessive foaming, which could inhibit your cutting fluid’s efficiency and chip evacuation.

Corrosion And Rust Inhibitors

These create a protective film over your machines and workpieces to prevent corrosion and rusting, especially when using water-based cutting fluids.

Bio-Stability Additives

You can use these to maintain your cutting fluid’s safety and quality because they prevent microbial growth or odor development in your water-based cutting fluids.


These additives are essential when using water-based cutting fluids to ensure the water and oil components mix correctly. They do that by creating stable emulsions in your cutting fluids.

Viscosity Modifiers

Working in varying temperatures can affect your cutting fluid’s flow and thickness characteristics, inhibiting performance. These additives help maintain the desired velocity and flow for maximum lubricating performance and consistency.

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