Comparing Pricing and Services of Scrap Aluminum Recycling Companies in Baltimore

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Recycling

Scrap aluminum recycling companies in Baltimore vary in services, experience, and pricing. Taking the time to compare them will make a substantial difference in convenience, assistance, and payout. Some facilities are strictly drop-off operations. People and businesses have to transport the aluminum themselves. That is not a problem for small amounts, but can be an issue with volume. A business that generates a lot of scrap aluminum would require a large vehicle, and a driver, to haul the scraps to the center.

The expense eliminates any cost incentive to recycling the metal. It is still the environmentally responsible thing to do; however, it may be easier and cheaper to toss the metal into the dumpster with the rest of the trash. Selecting a company that provides pick-up and roll-off services makes recycling faster, easier, and more cost-effective for businesses, communities, organizations, and individuals with large amounts of aluminum. There is little effort required, and the financial incentive remains a strong motivator to recycle. Those with scrap aluminum can Browse our website for details on pick-up capacities.

Finding a company with decades of experience can also make recycling more convenient. Knowledgeable staff can answer any questions; help customers sort through metals to get maximum benefit from recycling; and assist businesses with determining their needs. Most Scrap Aluminum Recycling Companies in Baltimore also recycle other metals, such as stainless steel, copper, brass, and some alloys. Insulated wire and cable are also accepted. Sorting through the metals typically results in a higher payout because different metals are worth more money.

Pricing varies among companies, and the difference can mean less money for the customer. Companies that pay customers according to the weight of the combined scraps of metal may not be the best option for the customer. Depending on the current market price, some metals will bring higher amounts than others. Companies that pay up-to-date market prices for each type of metal can provide a higher financial benefit to customers. Copper wire, for example, may be more valuable than aluminum. Separating the metals, and being paid top market value for each, results in a better total outcome for the customer.

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