Commercial Security Services for Companies in and Around Orlando

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Security

Commercial security services in Orlando, FL are needed in all industrial areas, and there are many different companies that must have a new system installed as soon as possible. Commercial security takes on many forms once a company has ordered a new system, and they must choose from the a la carte menu that is available. The company should piece together something that they believe will keep them safe.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are required in most buildings because they record everything that happens in the area. A large industrial park may need cameras on every corner, and offices may need cameras near sensitive areas. Each camera may be fixed or moving, and it will transmit to a monitor that someone is watching. The very same system will record everything that is caught on each camera in case it is needed in the future.

Security Sensors

There are many security sensors that may be placed at doors and on windows. Each sensor may beep or let the security staff know that the door has been opened. Sensors may include keypads that will be used to allow entry to authorized staff, and the pads may require swipe cards that are used to record who enters the building. These cards prevent the duplication of keys and unwanted entry.

Fire Alarms

The fire alarms for commercial facilities are quite important because the buildings are massive. Fires could start anywhere, and the commercial security services in Orlando, FL will catch fire, sound the alarm, and contact the authorities. This is badly needed in buildings where the employees cannot cover every square inch.

Central Control

Commercial security services in Orlando, FL will include a central control panel that is used to ensure the security staff may disable the alarm, check the cameras, and monitor the sensors.

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