Cleaning Up the Mess After Renters Trash Your Eugene OR Property

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Recycling

A residential dumpster in Eugene could be necessary if your renters have trashed your property. Cleaning up after an irresponsible renter is not an easy undertaking. In addition to renting a dumpster, you may also need to hire help to clean up the mess.

While you may carefully screen your tenants, there is always the possibility that one will turn out to be bad. This could be due to an undisclosed drug problem, a relationship problem, or money problems. In any case, when things begin to turn bad, document every interaction and know your rights as a landlord.

Once the dust clears, and your problem tenant is out, you will be faced with cleaning up their mess. You may need to rip out all of the carpeting, or dispose of belongings they left behind. The sheer amount of trash can easily overwhelm an average, curbside city garbage can. That means you’ll need to rent a residential dumpster in Eugene. Once it’s full, the trash service will haul it away for you.

It will be a great relief once all of the trash and damaged items are out of the house. Now that all of the damaged stuff in the dumpster, this the time to decide whether you want to stay in the landlord business, or sell. Only then can you do a deep cleaning, and begin to repaint and repair the place, either for a new tenant, or a new owner.

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