Cheap Bender Dies for Most Applications: Make One Call

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

Tube bending is a specific type of metal forming used for pipes and tubing. In years past, this process was freeform in that it was done manually. Today, it’s more likely for bending to be completed with some sort of form or guide to be more precise. It’s also possible to bend tubing with heat support or in the cold state.

Key Part

A die is one of the key elements in precision bending because straight tube stock is formed using a bending machine into a shape determined by the die. One-piece dies are generally considered the best for long-term wear. They also perform best for most overall bending projects. One of the benefits of the one-piece design is that they leave few marks on the tubing. But if you’re looking for cheap bender dies that are “cheap” in price but not in performance, you’ll need to work closely with a company bringing plenty of experience to the industry.

There is one major factor to keep in mind as you shop for cheap bender dies, however. The top suppliers offer both tube dies and pipe dies, which are not the same. If you’re bending pipe, you’re working with a vessel that carries fluids such as water or natural gas. These are rated for the pressure they can work with, not for actual strength.


If you’re purchasing cheap bender dies for tubing, it’s important to remember you’re working with an item that is a structural member. Tubing is rated for strength and is more expensive than pipe with different material properties. Dies are made for both piping and tubing. If you’d like to ask questions or if you have doubts about what you need, be sure to talk to a representative. When you need to know more about tube bending, dies, etc., this is the source.

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