Why Does Brick Oven Pizza Taste So Good?

Why Does Brick Oven Pizza Taste So Good?

Most people like pizza. It has a universal appeal because it’s versatile and tastes good. However, not all pizzas are the same, and when you want exceptional pizzas, you may go to a pizzeria with a large brick pizza oven. Why does this pizza taste so good? Let’s explore these questions and discover how you can make great brick oven pizza at home.

What is a Brick Pizza Oven?

For centuries, man cooked in large wood-fired ovens made from brick. In fact, brick ovens made most bread (which sustained entire populations) possible. Masonry material like brick or stone makes excellent ovens because they hold in the heat and it evenly radiates throughout the heating chamber. This gives you many benefits over modern conventional ovens made from metal.

Why Masonry?

One of the biggest advantages of cooking with stone is time. It takes very little time to cook a pizza. Here are some more benefits:

  • High heat – temperatures can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit inside a wood-fired brick pizza oven.
  • Efficiency – once the oven heats, it only takes a small fire to keep it going, due to the oven design.
  • Faster cooking – when you cook a pizza in high heat, it only takes one to two minutes. In fact, you can cook many pizzas in a short amount of time.
  • Crisp crust – high heat and even radiation produces crisp crusts without burning the dough because masonry absorbs moisture.
  • Flavor – nothing can match wood cooking when it comes to flavor.

How to Enjoy Brick Oven Pizza at Home

If you place a pizza stone in your oven, it helps to mimic masonry. However, the best cooking method involves buying a wood burning portable pizza oven they are specially designed to deliver the cooking benefits of a real brick pizza oven.