Benefits of the Portable Pizza Oven

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Business

When you think of home cooked pizza you might have unpleasant memories of taking a frozen pizza out of the freezer. This is not a good way to prepare most foods today, as this kind of pizza can be filling but certainly not very satisfying. So how can you create really good pizza at home? A portable pizza oven could be the right choice for you and here is why.

High Temperatures

For some foods, you need a very hot oven and this is especially true for pizza. In fact, ovens at most pizzerias are as hot as seven or eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit. If you check your oven at home, you’ll see that it probably goes no higher than five hundred, so you see why this can be a problem when baking pizzas? A good portable pizza oven can easily get as hot as you need for cooking pizzas.


The best pizza ovens use wood as fuel. They are specially designed for wood cooking and this imparts a flavor in foods which is not easily duplicated. Also, the modern wood burning oven is highly efficient and requires far less wood or fuel than standard outdoor cooking methods. Plus, you do not have to be concerned with propane, which can be hazardous when mishandled.

Easy to use

Quality made pizza ovens are simple to operate. In fact, some have more than one damper to give you better control over the heat. You can even choose a model which has a wood storage area built-in, to make it easier to add wood to the fire when needed.

Pizza in a Minute or Two

Your new portable pizza oven is specifically designed to cook pizza in a very short amount of time. In fact, it may only take a couple of minutes, so you can enjoy a good meal without waiting for hours.

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