Benefits of Cremation Near Oakland CA

There are several factors to be considered when weighing between cremation and a regular burial for a loved one. In the recent past, there has seen a rising trend in the number of families that are selecting cremation as the ideal way of sending off their loved ones. Perhaps this is due to the diminishing misconception that Cremation near Oakland CA is a less than ideal practice.

The first thing to be factored in should be the comfort levels of the family members with the idea of cremation. Most people are deeply disturbed by the death of their loved one, let alone the choice of cremation for a sendoff. The truth of the matter is that the practice is as normal as a regular burial and it comes with other added benefits too.

Cremation near Oakland CA is aimed at providing support to the living that have lost one of their own. Direct cremation helps in saving the family and friends of the heavy financial expenditures that come with prolonged stay of the remains of the deceased before disposal. This practice also reduces the time spent in mourning the deceased and the healing process is initiated as soon as possible. Cremation is a preferred choice where those close to the dead need to get back to their lives as soon as possible.

Crematories are becoming a popular choice due to the fact they are operated by committed professionals that have an utmost respect for the deceased. It is a way of giving a dignified sendoff to the deceased. The remains are cremated in containers that are rigid like a casket as well as any other that is approved for this purpose.

After cremation, the final remains can be put in an urn or a vault depending on the wishes of the family. The practice is also carried out with close respect to the clean air requirements of the state.

The Cathedral of Christ the Light is a full service funeral home that provides comfort and support to the family of the deceased. The home offers standardized and professional memorial, cremation and burial services to the residents of Oakland CA.