The Benefits of Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling in Baltimore, MD

Industrial recycling programs in Baltimore allow tons of scrap metal to be re-purposed instead of wasted. Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling in Baltimore MD is especially common among contractors, who often choose to re-purpose massive amounts of debris instead of sending it landfills. Area recycling facilities benefit local economies and make it possible for businesses to play a part in preserving natural resources.

Recycling Roll-Off Container Debris Benefits Contractors

Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling in Baltimore MD involves many kinds of businesses, but contractors often contribute most heavily to the programs. They also benefit from them. Builders and demolition contractors generally schedule roll-off services before projects begin. Recycling facilities then deliver the huge metal dumpsters to work sites, where workers fill them with debris. The process keeps sites safe and well organized. Roll-off containers are picked up and emptied as necessary and scrap metals in them are filtered out. Materials are forwarded for processing into new products.

Industrial Recycling Helps the Economy

Local economies also benefit from industrial recycling efforts. Ongoing programs put thousands of residents to work, often in high-paying jobs. In fact, reports show that recycling generates $10.3 billion in revenue annually, and much of that goes to state and local governments. Recycling programs also benefit businesses directly, since they get paid for their scrap metals. Recycling centers post the values of various metals on their websites. Business owners monitor the sites to get more information about current scrap values.

Scrap Metal Recycling Is Earth Friendly

Industrial recycling programs help provide local and global environmental benefits. Re-purposing metals instead of sending them to dumps reduces the amount of green space needed for local landfills. It also conserves natural resources. Manufacturing one ton of steel with existing metal saves 1,400 pounds of coal, 2,500 pounds of iron ore and 120 pounds of limestone. Using scrap metal also saves up to 92% of the energy needed to create products from ore.

Industrial scrap metal recycling programs allow many businesses to safely discard debris and make money in the process. Recycling scrap metal also provides a boost to local economies. The tons of metal that are recycled each year help to reduce the need for limited supplies of ore while decreasing the amount of energy needed to manufacture new products.