Benefit from Hiring Unarmed Security Guards to Patrol Your Rental Property

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Security

As the owner of an apartment complex, you can take security measures to protect your tenants. From locked entrances to security cameras, these tools are valuable in securing a building. However, there are areas that are left vulnerable that can be accessed by unauthorized individuals. When you have an effective security plan in place, you can deter criminal activity and provide your tenants with the extra protection they deserve. One part of that plan should be to hire unarmed security guards in Ventura County, CA to patrol your apartment complex.


  • You have an actual individual on site to catch the criminal activity before it can be completed.
  • An unarmed security guard in Ventura County, CA can pay attention to the venerable areas.
  • You have someone on-site that can immediately respond to the problem.
  • The knowledge that a guard is on the property deters criminal activity.
  • Your tenants feel safer knowing there is a security guard on the premises.
  • Reduces the cost of theft or vandalism by decreasing the chance of them occurring.
  • Prevents people from trespassing or drug activity on your property.
  • You have access to professionals that are trained to handle a variety of scenarios.

Flexible Options Are Available

Not everyone’s security needs are the same and they all require unique services. While one complex that is in a less than desirable location may need guards to prevent drug activity or thefts. A complex in a more prestigious are requires guards trained to work with high-profile individuals. That is why when you require a flexible and reliable security service, you should turn to Smart Eagle Security Inc. They offer a wide range of services to fit a variety of business and budgets. You can gain security guards that work after business hours or 24-hour services to ensure your property stays safe.

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