Beef Is Big Business: What Breeds of Beef Cattle Will You Raise?

The average American is said to consume 62 pounds of beef a year. That’s a lot of beef! It’s the equivalent of eating a big chunk of one whole cow per every man, woman, and child. Taking into consideration that vegetarians don’t eat beef, this amount is probably significantly higher per person.

That said, beef is big business. If you want to find beef cattle for sale and start your own beef farm, you could easily rake in some profits within the first year. It helps to know which breeds of beef cattle for sale are the best and most profitable to raise.


Angus beef is considered the most premium of beef. It costs more because of how it is fed and raised, but it also churns a bigger profit for ranchers. Its tender meat is savored by beef lovers everywhere, and you can buy a “starter herd” from other ranches that sell “seed cattle”.

Texas :Longhorn

These big, beefy beasts are the iconic cattle of the Old West. They still roam wide swatches of ranch land in Texas, Wyoming, Montana, and other ranching states. The big plus is that you never have to check on these cattle, but the downside is that you will have to be very careful herding them home and into a cattle truck. Their huge horns are quite dangerous unless you make a valiant effort to dehorn them when they are young.

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