B2B Branding with Custom Shipping Boxes

In the world of business-to-business, branding is everything. With all the wholesalers out there catering to businesses, it’s up to you to stand out. One of the ways to do this is by using your shipping supplies to brand your company and create customer awareness. When your boxes get lost in the jumble of plain brown personals, using custom shipping boxes with your company logo prominently displayed let your customers see their order clearly on delivery. Especially in the busy holiday season when UPS, FedEx, USPS, and other carriers expect to handle a record number of packages for businesses and individuals. Towers of brown boxes are piling up and seeing that logo makes it easier to dig the order out of the crowd, assemble the boxes, and then uncrate, check-in, and stock the order.

Standing Out in a Crowd

Custom boxes say a lot about a company. A box with the company’s logo on the side says a lot about the pride the company takes in its reputation. It also shows professionalism and that the company is doing well enough to afford this extra touch. The logo can even be changed to reflect the season or special events such as a company anniversary. Custom box companies will have staff on hand to assist in designing and implementing a logo scheme, or even printing full-color lithograph boxes for shipping, display, or product.

US Based Box Pros

Companies that formerly dealt with overseas companies for their shipping supplies are onshoring or reshoring that link in the supply chain back to American companies. Manufacturers in the United States are “local” and able to respond quickly to any change orders, as well as sending samples, and even representatives to your company office. Consider a Georgia based box manufacturer with over 40 years in business when you need custom shipping boxes for your B2B business.