Asbestos Companies Texas

Mold, asbestos, and lead are very hazardous materials. They all cause significant problems for the environment. Every year, the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) evaluates and classifies substances that are dangerous or harmful to health or the environment. Every year, the list grows. A few items that were in everyday use a few years ago that are now considered hazardous include fluorescent lamps, chemical fire extinguishers, and thermostat switches containing mercury. The most common problems facing building owners and managers include mold cleanup in Texas, the elimination of asbestos-containing materials, and the removal of lead-based paint.

Asbestos and lead-based paints are usually found in older buildings. Years ago, asbestos was seen as a miracle fiber. It was used in schools, factories, homes, hospitals and untold thousands of commercial buildings. When lead was a key ingredient in paint, it was being applied by the millions of square feet both inside and outside of buildings. Although asbestos and lead abatement programs are now ongoing, mold has been and will continue to be an issue in old as well as new buildings. 1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC is one of the leading asbestos companies in Texas. Services include everything from the removal of asbestos, tar sealants, and coatings from pipelines to animal feces and guano cleaning and deodorizing.

Lead is a naturally occurring metal found throughout the world. It is highly toxic. It is used in the manufacture of vehicle batteries, solder, ammunition, and is used to shield people during X-Rays. Lead is a significant health concern, and lead abatement programs are ongoing. One of the primary sources of lead exposure to humans is paint manufactured and applied before the late 1970s. Although lead-based paint that is in excellent condition is less of a concern, loose or flaking paint or paint that forms dust is an environmental hazard. Lead abatement techniques include chemical stripping and abrasive blasting.